Cscreen+ a rapid cancer screening test fundamentally changing how health systems diagnose and care for lung cancer throughout the world. From i-omics, a world class R&D company born in Wales confronting major challenges in human and animal health.

Research and testing show metabolomic screening of over 5000 chemicals in urine can differentiate cancer from healthy controls and early from later stage lung cancer with up to 93% accuracy, based on a combination of only 6 chemicals proven to be involved in cancer cell growth. As well as a diagnostic test, it can be used as a ‘screening’ tool prior to onset of symptoms. This easy to use, low cost, rapid lateral flow test will reduce the need for initial X-ray and CT screening and prioritise healthcare screening and monitoring much more effectively than current expensive diagnostics.

Initially intended for higher risk smokers aged 45 onward Cscreen+ allows rapid early diagnosis and intervention, potentially saving thousands of lives and significantly reducing costs of diagnosis and care associated with late-stage disease.

In the UK alone there are 6.9 million smokers 44% of whom would be age appropriate for testing. Integrated data capture will enable demographic insights for further research informing care and development of treatments.

Unlike blood tests still some 4-5 years distant this is being developed as a rapid urine test that can be undertaken in a doctor’s surgery, even at home and without the need for trained staff or a laboratory. This is similar to home COVID tests.

Proof of concept has been demonstrated, initial clinical trials using state of the art technology are successfully completed and ethics approvals are in place for validation studies. The product concept is at the ‘MVP’ stage, ready for final validation and has an addressable international market of 1.1 billion smokers with the potential for being an annual screening test.

The Cscreen+ project is the result of 15 years research between the NHS and academia led by two world renowned professors and their research teams and an investment to date of £500K from academic and institutional grants.

Cscreen+ and bTBscreen+ are intended for international commercialisation. iOmics will charge annual fees for licences and a royalty per test.

Growth potential is exceptional. These initial two projects meet immediate world-wide challenges. In addition to current projects, iOmics intends to develop several new projects each year based on its IP building a pipeline of new ground breaking commercial opportunities that will positively impact human and animal health and agri-food safety across the world.

Investment of £500K is sought to bring Cscreen+ to market within twelve months post- investment and likewise bTBscreen+. Investment can be into a ringfenced project or into the business which would include an interest in all current and future projects. Funds will create 7 jobs immediately and a further 12 Q3 ‘22 onwards. This is an early stage, pre-revenue, IP based business opportunity and interested parties should take appropriate legal advice.

The founders and partners

Aberystwyth University.
Keir Lewis, Professor of Respiratory Medicine, Swansea University & Hywel Dda UHB (NHS).
Luis Mur, Professor at Institute Biological Environmental and Rural Sciences, Aberystwyth
Dr David Rooke, ProTEM Services. Translational science and technology.
Ian Bond, Bond Digital Holdings. Data management.
Dr David West, Clarity Bio. Lateral flow technology,

The management team

Ian Bond CEO. Founder Bond Digital Health.
Dr David Rooke. Founder ProTEM Services Ltd.

Further Information

For further information on the business and projects
contact Ian Bond (+44)7731087823